A downloadable game for Windows

Lucid is a top down rogue-like action game about exploring your dreams. Journey through a procedurally generated dreamscape, fighting off nightmares and searching for clarity. In your dreams you have the power but be careful. With everything you do, you draw closer to realizing your'e asleep and seeing your dream crumble before you.

About us


Brian Eisenberg, Nevo Mantel, Diego Holguin,

Graphical Artists:

Jacob Frommer, Colin Winders, Nick Pinero, Connor Dean, Manny Gomez


Khalid "DJ" Bilal

Lucid was developed as a three month long senior project at Quinnipiac University's Game Design program. This version is considered a proof of concept and will be worked on and updated further in the coming months.

Feedback is always appreciated and thanks for playing! Dream on!


Lucid.exe 17 MB

Install instructions

Playing the game is as simple as opening the file once downloaded. Only a Windows build is available currently and the game only has keyboard and mouse support.